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Web, UX and Product Design

This is the beating heart of Planto. It’s where we started and where we continue to excel. Whether you’re looking for a couple of pages to promote you as a sole trader, a comprehensive repository of content, a no-code app to help design and develop your product, or are re-building for a new future, we can help.


Our first website: a photo gallery (back in 1996). Many content management systems later and many projects later (for huge multi-nationals, SME's, and sole traders) we have the experience and knowledge, using the latest technologies and techniques, to design and build websites and landing pages that work better and harder.

Product Design

From modest beginnings designing car and trainer configuration tools, via investment banking applications for wholesale transactions, Planto has been designing products for decades. Now, we help anyone seeking to innovate or automate, by using no-code tools such as Bubble.io and Make.com to rapidly build and iterate on digital product and workflow solutions - from concept to first release.


It ended in commercial failure, but we learned a lot. Also, launching an eCommerce site for new cars, in 2000, was terrible timing. Our second e-commerce project, the adidas global online e-Shop, soared and there have been more since. With data and experience, we can get you off the ground, work within your constraints and help you avoid many common mistakes.
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